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INDUSTRIA BIOTEC: New showcase of biotechnology

12. October 2022/by u.mommert
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European Biotechnology Magazine 3/2022

27. September 2022/by Maren Kühr
EU-Project Communication, News

BE-Rural Comes to an Eventful and Successful End

1. August 2022/by Lukas Bannert

German biotech sector growing rapidly

30. November 2021/by u.mommert
Corporate Media, Statistics

Life Science Report Austria 2020

25. October 2021/by u.mommert

Reunion at Swiss Biotech Day

13. September 2021/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

Bio-based innovations take center stage in North Macedonia

2. September 2021/by u.mommert

AMR Conference: Summer Edition

30. August 2021/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

The AMR Accelerator: A New Public-Private Collaboration to Tackle Antibiotic Resistance Together

25. March 2021/by Lukas Bannert
EU-Project Communication

New EU project Transition2BIO

3. March 2021/by Lukas Bannert

GFFA 2021: five days dedicated to food policy

29. January 2021/by u.mommert
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Fresh new look for bioeconomy portal

11. January 2021/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

Bright outlook for ENABLE: Partner reports Phase 1 success

30. November 2020/by u.mommert
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Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020

24. November 2020/by u.mommert
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Bio-pioneers in the spotlight

25. October 2020/by u.mommert
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Facelift for GFFA website

12. October 2020/by u.mommert
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European Biotechnology Magazine Autumn 2020

24. September 2020/by Maren Kühr
Events, Information Platforms

Stimuli for the industrial bioeconomy

10. September 2020/by u.mommert
Corporate, Events

Push for pull incentives

30. August 2020/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

Throwback to the 2nd BE-Rural Bio-based Pop-up Store

17. August 2020/by Lukas Bannert

AMR Conference 2020 virtuell

2. July 2020/by Maren Kühr
EU-Project Communication

Raising awareness amongst students about the circular bioeconomy

8. June 2020/by Lukas Bannert
EU-Project Communication

Regional stakeholder processes kicked off in the five regions

6. April 2020/by Lukas Bannert
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Hot off the press: The 10th European Biotech Guide

23. March 2020/by Maren Kühr
EU-Project Communication, Events

First bio-based pop-up store opens in Latvia

25. February 2020/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

Bringing ethic into research

5. February 2020/by u.mommert
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Pilot through the medtech sector

27. January 2020/by u.mommert
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Global Forum for Food and Agriculture

24. January 2020/by Maren Kühr

The biotech boost

6. January 2020/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

Award for EMBRIC project

23. December 2019/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

IMI project COMBINE launched

3. December 2019/by u.mommert
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Guide to German Biotech Companies 2020

14. November 2019/by u.mommert
Journals and Books, Journals and Books

Guide to German Biotech Companies

30. October 2019/by u.mommert
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Just out: Media info 2020

25. October 2019/by u.mommert

Stock Market Report: Sharp decline

22. October 2019/by u.mommert
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European Biotechnology: Autumn edition 2019

15. October 2019/by u.mommert
EU-Project Communication

For novel antibiotics: EU project launched

1. August 2019/by u.mommert
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A 360° view of the industry in the BioTechnology Yearbook 2019

4. July 2019/by u.mommert
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European Biotechnology: Summer edition 2019

21. June 2019/by u.mommert
Corporate, Events

BIOCOM to organise GFFA conference 2020

21. June 2019/by u.mommert