Key facts and numbers

Our work focuses on high-tech areas of the life sciences. This applies to the content we develop as well as to our partners and target groups. And here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

We reach


recipients per month with our media.

We created more than


videos in recent years.



participants attended our events.

To date, we have worked with partners from



  • Through our network, we have regular contact with around 98,000 professionals in the fields of biotechnology, bioeconomy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and medical technology in Germany, Europe and the world.
  • We maintain and update over 11,000 profiles of life science institutions and companies in Europe in our databases.
  • For statistical analyses, we have primarily collected and scientifically evaluated detailed company data and key figures on more than 2,200 biotechnology and medical technology companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Over 41,000 regular recipients read our journals.
  • Every year, we attend more than 50 of the most important B2B events in Europe in person and on site with our products and services.
  • Our events, which are geared to an international audience, have so far attracted participants from more than 70 countries.
  • Our websites reach more than 120,000 visitors per month and we supply more than 40,000 newsletter recipients per week.
  • For our clients, we put the keywords “biotechnology” and “bioeconomy”  at the top positions of Google’s result pages.
  • Since 2014, we have been travelling throughout Europe with a dynamic bioeconomy exhibition featuring over 100 items.
  • For a strategy process initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we have brought together more than 300 representatives from the natural and engineering sciences who have developed more than 100 new project ideas in a structured process.
  • On behalf of the German Bioeconomy Council, we drafted and coordinated a communiqué on the global bioeconomy with an international advisory board comprising 38 countries and multinational organisations.

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