Collaboration to improve the quality of in vivo antibiotics testing

Uppsala, 14.11.2023 – A new collaboration was recently announced between the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project COMBINE, CARB-X, iiCON and the CRO Pharmacology Discovery Services. The joint work involves sharing expertise and data among organisations to strengthen the validation studies of a standardised pneumonia model developed by COMBINE, in which BIOCOM is a member.

Under this new collaboration, CARB-X will support validation with approved antibiotics, iiCON will develop experimental models, and Pharmacology Discovery Services will supply data on antibiotic efficacy in lung infection models. By establishing a standardised protocol for the in vivo pneumonia model, supporting harmonisation, and improving quality of in vivo antibiotics testing, the collaborators hope to contribute to the development of new antibiotics which are critically needed in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Scientists interested in contributing to these efforts are invited to contact the COMBINE project partners from Paul-Ehrlich-Institut to share data, conduct validation studies, or provide bacterial isolates: The COMBINE project is part of the AMR Accelerator, a cluster of public-private partnership projects funded by IMI, bringing together academia, pharmaceutical industry, patient organisations, non-profits, and small and medium-sized companies to develop a robust antibiotic pipeline.

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