Biopioneers: The Algae Farmer

Berlin, 31.07.2023 – It is the 19th biopioneer to be portrayed: The latest edition of the multimedia series “The Biopioneers” focuses on a marine biologist and algae researcher.

The current portrait is about algae – the bladderwrack, to be precise. The seaweed, native to the Baltic and North Seas, has great potential for consumption, Rafael Meichßner is certain. The marine biologist works at the company Coastal Research Management (CRM) in Kiel as an aquaculture project manager. He is researching the cultivation of bladderwrack at the Kiel marine farm. To grow, algae do not need soil, fresh water or pesticides – an invaluable advantage over land plants. Will algae pioneer Rafael make bladderwrack the new star vegetable for our kitchens?

The Biopioneers series profiles farmers, researchers, engineers and designers who have made – or are on the verge of making – groundbreaking achievements in the life sciences, food, building materials or fashion industries. This portrait series was conceived by the BIOCOM video team on behalf of the German Research Ministry and uses a multimedia approach. Viewers can read the text-image portrait, immerse themselves in the topic with an entertaining 5-6 minute video or listen to the half-hour podcast. The series now comprises 19 portraits.

The latest portrait “The algae farmer”

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