A 360° view of the industry in the BioTechnology Yearbook 2019

Berlin, 04.07.2019 – For the 32nd time, the standard work of the biotechnology industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has been published. Once again, this year’s BioTechnology Yearbook provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of this sector of the economy.

Two new studies present the state of the biotechnology industry in Germany and Austria – of course in accordance with OECD standards. As always, a list of all research and development biotech companies in Germany is also included. Editorial reports deal with the most exciting topics in the life sciences, for example carbon from algae, bioethics in germ line editing, phages as antibiotic alternatives, artificial photosynthesis and nanorobots. The editorial features an exclusive biopolitical discussion between Viennese human ecologist Helmut Haberl and yearbook editor Andreas Mietzsch: “Are we asking the wrong questions? And if so, why?”

The German-language BioTechnology Yearbook 2019 is now available in local bookstores and online

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