BioTechnology Yearbook

BioTechnologie Jahrbuch

32. Edition
ISBN: 978-3-928383-72-1
Publisher: Andreas Mietzsch, BIOCOM AG
Price: 30,00 €
Finish: German, 168 pages, coloured

For more than three decades, the BioTechnology Yearbook has been the standard work of the biotechnology industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2019, the 32nd edition was published.

The Biotechnology Yearbook offers an all-round view of the biotechnology sector. Current data on the biotechnology sector according to OECD standards are supplemented by a list of all researching and developing biotech companies in Germany. Editorial reports deal with topics such as bioethics in germ line editing, phages as antibiotic alternatives and nanorobots. Selected companies and individuals have their say in company portraits and interviews.

The colour printed book is available on the market, for example on Amazon.