Office of the German Bioeconomy Council

Networks and Administration:
Secretariat of the German Bioeconomy Council

Time period: seit 2012

Client: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

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Within the scope of our office activities, we assume the operative tasks of the German Bioeconomy Council, an advisory body of the Federal Government. The main function of the office is the continuous support of the committee in all administrative, organizational and technical matters. This includes the organization of the Council’s internal processes, the organization and implementation of regular meetings and coordination with various ministries.

An important part of the work in the office is the co-designing of a public dialogue on bioeconomy, in which society, science and industry are involved. This includes the conception and implementation of exhibitions, dialogue events or parliamentary evenings.

We constantly analyze and evaluate the state of knowledge on bioeconomy and prepare it for the Council. In addition, we maintain the international contacts and connections of the Council. On the basis of this international network, the Council is able to organize international congresses. The Council’s office is responsible for planning, organization and technical matters.