PharmaSea: Medicine from the ocean


Time frame: 2013-2017

Project coordinator: KU Leuven, Belgien

The EU PharmaSea project was dedicated to research into the development and commercialisation of new substances from marine organisms. Its main objective was to collect samples from some of the hottest, deepest and coldest places in the world. These samples were analysed for marine microbes and new bioactive compounds to assess their potential as novel drug leads, antibiotics or ingredients for nutritional or cosmetic applications.

PharmaSea brought together a broad international, interdisciplinary consortium of 24 partners from 13 countries from industry, science and non-profit organisations with world-leading researchers in marine genomics, biosynthesis and chemical structural analysis, as well as legal experts, and was funded by the European Union under its FP7 programme. BIOCOM was responsible for Work Package 7: Communication and Dissemination.