Fraunhofer ZukunftsWorkshop in Dresden

Junge Menschen auf dem ZukunfstWorkshop von Fraunhofer

Dresden, 23.02.2019 – What will our food be made of in the future? Can we optimise our body with implants? Will we become immortal? How can all people on earth be fed? These were some of the questions addressed at the two-day future workshop of the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economics at the end of January in the Dresden Hygiene Museum.

The search was on for the research ideas of the future for health, nutrition and sustainable consumption. At interactive stands, visitors were able to develop and present their own personal wishes and ideas – and also sample insects.

BIOCOM supported the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in organising this event. BIOCOM not only handled the completion of the printing materials, it also contributed a selection of the “Bioeconomy in Everyday Life” exhibition with bioeconomy products which were presented as part of the workshop.