Facelift for GFFA website

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Berlin, 09.10.2020 – For more than ten years, the German agriculture ministry has held the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture every year. Now the event website sports a modern design. The rebrush was done by BIOCOM.

Since 2019 BIOCOM has been responsible for the organisation and implementation of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA). In addition to the high-ranking conference itself, which takes place annually during the International Green Week in Berlin, BIOCOM is also responsible for maintaining the website gffa-berlin.de. This now has been given a new look.

Even though the site continues to run in the open source content management system WordPress, the contents are now better structured and have a fresher look. Furthermore, the website complies with the current style guide of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. BIOCOM was not only responsible for the development, but also for conception, design and testing. Of course, the bilingual website is optimised for mobile devices and takes topics such as search engine optimisation into account. Thus the website is well positioned for the first GFFA that will be taking place digitally in January 2021.

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