European Biotechnology: Summer edition 2019

EB Summer edition 2019

Berlin, 12.06.2019 – Drug safety is the focus of the latest issue of European Biotechnology. The title story describes how novel biomarkers have been validated to detect drug-induced organ injuries.

In an interview, the CEO of the Polish biotech company Selvita Pawel Przewiezlikowski explains the reasons for the recent separation of his company into a drug developer and a CRO. Other top stories are the extensive malaria vaccination programme, the promise of cell-free production in biomanufacturing and the debate about genome processing of the germ line.

On the regional pages, the magazine contains news from Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and Central Europe. Readers can read up on current clinical studies and find worthwhile life sciences events in the second half of 2019 in the Biofairs Compass.

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