EMBRIC-Projekt ausgezeichnet

Paris, 23.12.2019 – The EU project EMBRIC, which BIOCOM was part of, has been awarded the Special Jury Prize at the “Les Etoiles de l’Europe” awards ceremony organised by the French Ministry of Research.

The ceremony was held in Paris on 10th December as part of the Horizon 2020 Forum, to recognise projects under French leadership that have contributed to the promotion of innovation and research. BIOCOM supported the consortium of EMBRIC (European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster) from summer 2017 with communication work and was responsible for the newsletter and press releases.

The EMBRIC team worked from 2015 to 2019 to improve the sustainable use of marine biological resources. The project brought together various research institutions with knowledge and access to the entire spectrum of marine organisms. With the help of highly specialised experts in the data field, the partners succeeded in establishing well-functioning workflows for the discovery and use of new natural products.

The “Les Etoiles de l’Europe” award ceremony has been held for seven years; each year, 12 project coordinators and their research teams are honoured for their work at a European level.