European Biotechnology: Autumn edition 2019

Berlin, 12.10.2019 – Gene therapy developers are demanding sky-high prices for their treatments, and payors are pushing back. Can outcome-based pricing solve the dilemma? The title story of the latest issue of European Biotechnology covers the ins and outs of gene therapy pricing.

As Ovid Therapeutics is turning toward Europe with the first therapy for genetic disease Angelman Syndrome, CEO Jeremy M. Levin explains the value of new treatments in orphan diseases. Another top story covers the impact sustainable finance is having on banks, insurance providers and fintech. And a report looks at the latest in antimicrobial resistance and how push and pull incentives can make a difference in AMR research. The special on CROs and CMOs covers everything from biomanufacturing to packaging and contract research.

On the regional pages, the magazine contains news from Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and Central Europe. Readers can read up on current clinical studies and find out which companies are floundering on the European stock exchanges, and which are coming out ahead.

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