Now out: Second |transkript issue of the year

Berlin, 10.05.2019 – Radiopharmaceuticals have long lived in the shadows in cancer therapy. But two billion-dollar acquisitions by Novartis and outstanding research in diagnostics and therapy have brought new life to the field. Radiopharmaceuticals have thus made it to the title of the second issue of |transkript this year. A further background story explains the measures politicians are taking to make the wheels of translation run more smoothly in Germany. In an interview, Zsuzsanna Varga, the new head of Bayer’s G4A Partnerships, explains how the pharma giant has changed its funding programmess for start-ups and why.

Other sections deal with the billion-euro haemophilia market, the creation of the first completely synthetic bacterial genome and the blood test for breast cancer that made the headlines recently. The special deals with topics from biomanufacturing, while the LABORWELT section focuses on laboratory topics, this time on virtual bioproduction and this year’s Labvolution.

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