Transition2bio exhibits Bio-based Späti at the Berlin Science Week

Berlin, 20.11.2022 – With the EU Project Transition2bio’s Bio-based Späti at the Berlin Science Week in the Berlin Natural History Museum, visitors were invited to immerse themselves into the world of the bioeconomy and explore a vast array of innovative and sustainable bio-based products, games, videos, books and more. The Bio-based Späti showcased novel foods and beverages, innovative packaging alternatives, and other everyday necessities, allowing visitors to experience how one can live sustainably today.

The range of bio-based products on display from insect burgers, algae drinks, to plastic-free chewing gum fit nicely with this year’s theme of the Berlin Science Week ‘Co-Creating a Sustainable Now!’ People of all ages, especially kids, were curious to learn about the potential of the bioeconomy to offer a more sustainable future. As the planet faces many systemic crises, the demand for sustainable products and services grows. The bioeconomy provides us with many innovative solutions that contribute to economic, social, and ecosystem resilience.

BIOCOM is part of the EU project Transition2bio, a Horizon2020 funded project from 2019 to 2022 that supports the transition to the bioeconomy through various communication and education activities. Over the course of the project, different information materials have been compiled – for example, an online library with over 1000 EU bioeconomy resources, bioeconomy toolkits for different target groups, teaching materials such as games, a children’s book about the bioeconomy, and hands-on labs for children. Another goal of the project is to identify education and training needs in the field of bioeconomy and to support EU member states in bioeconomy communication activities and capacity building.

The event was captured on film and the video was published on the portal