Toolkit for the bioeconomy

Berlin, 20.01.2023 – The transition towards the bioeconomy and a more sustainable Europe requires a profound transformation of different sectors of the economy and involves a wide range of stakeholders. With this in mind, BIOCOM created a set of toolkits as part of the EU Project Transition2bio to promote bioeconomy from different perspectives and objectives. All six Transition2Bio toolkits can be seen as packages of knowledge that help raise awareness and educate about the bioeconomy and its benefits for the main stakeholders: citizens, businesses, communicators, teachers, students, and policy makers.

BIOCOM was part of the EU project Transition2bio, a Horizon2020 funded project from 2019 to 2022 that supports the transition to the bioeconomy through various communication and education activities. Over the course of the project, BIOCOM helped valorised over 1000 bioeconomy related materials to create a compilation of almost 150 resources from over 50 projects. The toolkits are an action-oriented compilation of related information, tools, databases, videos, presentations, platforms and good practices that together can inform users and guide different groups to develop a plan or organize efforts to conform to evidence-based recommendations. The toolkits offer highly valuable content that contribute to raising awareness, educating and building support for the bioeconomy.

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Other outcomes of the Transition2bio project include the creation of an online library with over 1000 EU bioeconomy resources, teaching materials, a children’s book about the bioeconomy, and hands-on labs for children. Another goal of the project was to identify education and training needs in the field of bioeconomy and to support EU member states in bioeconomy communication activities and capacity building.