Pilot through the medtech sector

Berlin, 27.01.2020 – The fifth edition of the Guide to German Medtech Companies gives an overview over the German medical technology sector and paints a picture as diverse as the companies portrayed.

The medical technology sector is a well-established pillar within the healthcare industry in Germany. Thus, German companies are in a good position to go through the current period of upheaval that is due to the ever more challenging requirements on the regulatory side. Even now, German companies show stable growth and record turnover. This year, more than 32 billion euro of revenue will be generated.

With the fifth edition of our “Guide to German Medtech Companies”, BIOCOM follows this development, highlighting the broad competences of the German medical technology sector. The Guide offers a diverse picture of companies – from medical device developers to manufacturers, service providers, and organisations. In addition, the most recent developments in the German medtech sector are summarised in the introduction.

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