European Biotechnology Magazine 4/2022

Berlin, 01.12.2023 – The current year is expected to be the worst year for mergers and acquisitions in biotech since 2018, and some experts suggest this could be the start of a new crisis for the sector. External funding is indispensable for drug developers. If external capital is lacking, growth becomes even more difficult and innovation slows down. What are the causes of the current trends in partnerships and licensing, and why is the predicted wave of M&A not rolling in as quickly as expected?

For years, measures to promote industrial production modeled after natural cycles were little more than a fig leaf for multinational oil and chemical companies. At the new INDUSTRIA BIOTEC forum in Berlin in early October, companies presented both new ideas and long-ignored solutions that – in cooperation with policymakers – could help avert the looming gas and climate catastrophes. In the interview, Frédéric Pâques, CEO of Standing Ovation SA and winner of the start-up pitch at INDUSTRIA Biotec, explains why vegan cheese made with microbial casein can help save the climate.

Also in this issue:

  • Special I : Industrial biotech clusters: Toulouse White Biotechnology.
  • Special II: Biofairs Compass – Events in the first half of 2023.
  • Focus Pharma Services: CDMOs and CROs
  • European Biotech Stocks, Analyst commentary
  • Science & Technology
  • News from Biotech Austria, the ECBF, YEBN and the SBA

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