CO2 use – the biological perspective

The ,,CO2 use – the biological perspective” was on 8 June 2011, at the Spreespeicher in Berlin. The event was organized by BIOCOM AG.  

Whether as biofuel or as basic building block for chemical products – already today there are a number of approaches to use the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 as raw material for the development of more complex carbon compounds. New perspectives of CO2 utilisation were the focus of the series of events „From greenhouse gas to recyclable material“, which is carried out by BIOCOM in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. The event focused on the biological perspective: Which biological systems are best suited for CO2 fixation? Which technological challenges do algae and microorganisms have to master? What industrial potential does the material use of CO2 have? What specific applications are being worked on? These and other topics were discussed together with renowned experts from science and industry in Berlin.