EU Project Communication: COMDIS

Communication and dissemination of the results are key factors in all research projects which are funded within the European Commission‘s Horizon 2020 framework programme. BIOCOM AG‘s communication and dissemination team, winner of the CommNet Impact Award, publishes the progress of the projects and significant research findings in a variety of ways and for different target groups. This increases the visibility of the projects and of European funding activities overall.

Under the COMDIS label, BIOCOM AG offers to join R&D consortia as a member early on in the application phase and to take responsibility for the „Communication and Dissemination“ work package. It can use a number of measures and tools to implement the communication plans. In particular, these are: 

  • Strong branding of the project and the creation of a variety of communication materials
  • Design, creation and maintenance of a project website
  • Planning and implementation of a film about the project
  • All the media work, including creating and sending out press releases and maintaining a pan-European network of science and economics journalists
  • Complete organisation and management of conferences and workshops

Under the motto "Novel bioactive compounds", the PharmaSea project brings together a broad international, interdisciplinary team focused on marine biodiscovery. The project‘s global objective is the identification of new marine microbial strains from extreme environments to evaluate their potential as new drug leads, antibiotics or ingredients for nutrition or cosmetic applications.

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OPTIBIOCAT: Innovating the way cosmetics are made

The four-year project OPTIBIOCAT focuses on the development of novel enzymes for the energy-efficient and cost-effective production of compounds used in the cosmetic industry.

OPTIBIOCAT is funded by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) under the KBBE funding scheme and brings together a broad interdisciplinary team, with partners from universities, research centres and industries.

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BioSTEP: Shaping the bioeconomy together

The bioeconomy holds potential solutions to important future challenges. The social, economic and environmental impacts associated with its products and processes, however, will require extensive dialogue processes on the future development of the bioeconomy. The overall aim of the EU-funded project BioSTEP is to promote a public dialogue on the goals of the bioeconomy and the steps needed to move towards a sustainable economy and way of life.

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The ENABLE project was launched on February 2014 (end beg 2020) within IMI's 'New Drugs for Bad Bugs' (ND4BB) programme. The ENABLE consortium is especifically working to advance the development of potential antibiotics against Gram-negative bacteria, such as Escherichia coli. The goal of the project is to develop attractive antimicrobial candidates for testing in the clinic, bringing the possibility of new antibiotics to treat Gram-negative infections one step closer to patients.

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Laura Griestop
Project Manager Communication

Telephone: +49-30-264921-58

Award for Project Communication

The international project PharmaSea has won the CommNet Impact Award 2014 in the category "Engaging citizens". BIOCOM is in charge of PharmaSea's "Communication & Dissemination" work package.

The project PharmaSea inspired the jury with its "impressive international media coverage in print, online and TV".