Advertising and sponsorship

The printed and electronic publications as well as the events of BIOCOM AG offer a wide range of opportunities to make contact with potential customers via advertising or sponsoring. Qualified experts at BIOCOM are available for any related questions and quotes.  

The lastest media info will provide you with essential information.

Download Media Info 2018

Download Media Info BioTechnologie Jahr- und Adressbuch 2018

If you have a specific question, just give us a call!

Head of Marketing:  Oliver Schnell
Phone: +49-(0)30-264921-45 
E-Mail: o.schnell[at]

Advertising & Distribution: Andreas Macht
Phone: +49-(0)30-264921-54  
E-Mail: a.macht[at]

Advertising & Distribution: Christian Boehm
Phone: +49-(0)30-264921-49  
E-Mail: c.boehm[at]





Oliver Schnell

Head of Marketing


Phone: +49-30-264921-45






Andreas Macht

Marketing Manager


Telephone: +49-30-264921-54






Christian Böhm

Marketing Manager


Phone: +49-30-264921-49






Marco Fegers

Marketing Manager


Telefon: +49-30-264921-56