Video Production

Globalisation and the Internet are currently giving rise to a renaissance in film as a technical information medium.

BIOCOM AG produces and publishes, on dedicated platforms where applicable, successful online magazines, such as, industrial and educational films, congress videos, reports, image and location films and much more. With cutting edge technology, its own studio and a team which is both creative and technically skilled, it delivers high-quality yet affordable moving images.

Implandata bei medifundo
IZB Imagefilm
Die Bundesregierung auf der Medica 2017
PharmaSea - EU project fighting drug resistance
Berlin Heart Imagefilm
CRISPR-Cas9 – Wie die Genschere funktioniert
Stadt der Zukunft: Wolkenkratzer aus Holz
Autoreifen aus Löwenzahn [Fast Forward Science 2017]
Halbzeitkonferenz Bioökonomie
Bioökonomie im Alltag – Wo heute schon Bioökonomie drinsteckt

Robert Quante
Camera Man & Cutter

Telephone: +49-30-264921-71

Thomas Dahm
Motion Designer & Camera Man

Telephone: +49-30-264921-59